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A Night on The Town

As I sit back and think of ways to make my visions come to reality,  I had this amazing vision of having a night photoshoot on the town featuring our party and evening wear pieces.   We did a collaboration with my model friend Alexis who also featured her custom choker collection  called "The Couture Collection" which styled very well with the LuJeanik dresses and gowns.  We had to also snag her beautiful model friend Nadia to model for us as well.  Me and the team were super excited with the outcome of the shoot and I know you will love it as keep reading to see how this vision came to life.

How It All Started We prepped our girls inside The LuJeanik House of Fashion, for makeup by TakisaReneeBeauty  and then we packed up and scouted locations as we rode around town, looking for the perfect locations to collab with our looks.  Our first stop, I'd like to call it "Garden Party".  These two looks were paired perfectly for this location, so we had to ca…

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