Starting a blog is not as hard as it seems. It's just a matter of doing it and staying consistent.

Had a phenomenal weekend in Fort Myers for JT Foxx's Empire Networking event.  I was introduced to this event by attending a real estate seminar in Tampa where I met some powerful individuals including Damien Elston.  During my time in Fort Myers I was given the opportunity to meet Nido Qubein who is the president of the prestigious college, High Point University.   This successful man, shared his personal experiences and gave great advice on how to become a success in what you are doing.  I also had the opportunity to get marketing and business advice from JT Foxx himself and his right hand marketing guru Francie Baldwin.  The advice given will not only help me in my business but in my everyday life and I am forever changed because of these events.  After attending this event I realized the importance of creating a blog and was inspired to start one today and stay at it.  Blogging is not as painful as it seems, its really just sharing your thoughts and feelings.  What I do enjoy about blogging is the fact that you are free to talk about whatever you like, so why not create one?  The hardest part for me was finding something to write about, but the easiest advice I can say is, just be yourself and put that in your writing! What I do hope to achieve in writing this blog is to share my experiences as a Fashion Designer building my brand from the ground up.  If you do not know me, I am the founder of LuJeanik which is a fashionable swimwear label that was created in 2007.  Since the beginning of its operations LuJeanik has been featured in several publications including Tearsheet Magazine, Phassion Magazine and Australian Beauty.  Fashion Shows include Charlotte Fashion Week, St. Pete Art and Fashion Week, FDE Miami and Facet Fashion Week in Hollywood, CA.  As a brand, I will continue to make my mark in this crazy and competitive industry, but I plan to do it a different way so stay tuned...
Images from Adrienne A Photography for LuJeanik.


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